CAI Newsletter – July 2016 – B

CAI Newsletter – July 2016 – B

CAI Newsletter – July 2016 – B 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Zakaat Fitra Distribution  – In Pictures:

Your Fitra Zakaat was distributed to various poor and destitute people around the world; please click here to view photos.

Kolda School Construction Progress – In Pictures:

Alhamd’Allah, the 2nd floor is now in place; still targeting a November 2016 grand opening of CAI’s 28th school.


Appeal For Water In The West Bank:

As you may be aware, there is an acute water crisis in the West Bank. CAI cannot solve the inherent causes for this crises but we can and must help with some relief to these hapless families. CAI is partnering with WABIL to bring water to as many families that US$15,000 can buy. We need your help, please. Please visit and click on the Water Aid button to help. Allah bless.

CAI Kabul Kindergarten Starts Aug 1 Insha’Allah:

Progressing towards opening the kindergarten section of our beautiful school in Kabul August 1.



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