CAI Newsletter – July 2017 – A

CAI Newsletter – July 2017 – A

CAI Newsletter – July 2017 – A 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Cholera Vaccine For The Children Of Yemen – An Update:

Widespread cholera is affecting Yemen now, the UN puts the toll to over 300,000 already and growing steadily. CAI will insha’Allah maintain the Milk For Children Program as long as necessary and availability of resources. You can immunize a child against Cholera for US$5 each. The number of children CAI is trying to vaccinate is now 14,000, and funds for 10,000 have already been raised and children vaccinated. Please help if you can. Allah bless.

CAI Donors Bring Power Relief To Iraqi Refugee Homes:

The temperatures in Iraq can reach up to 130F in the summer and living without electricity is a serious and life-threatening hazard; the children and elderly can suddenly stop breathing. CAI was able to bring urgently needed power to residents of about 120 homes (about 1200 people) in CAI housing project between Najaf and Kerbala. Alhamd’Allah, We have saved a few lives insha’Allah and relief to the people insha’Allah.

Sharing few photos:


CAI Donors To Train 50 Afghan Widows Become Financially Independent:

This US$75,000 project will train 50 poor widows with children in the art of spinning yarn for the much-in-demand Afghani carpets. The three-month training program will enable the widow to earn enough funds so that they will come off the monthly food aid program insha’Allah. More details and photos to follow insha’Allah.



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