CAI Newsletter – July 2018 – A

CAI Newsletter – July 2018 – A

CAI Newsletter – July 2018 – A 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Parachinar Hospital Extention Update

This CAI donor-funded hospital addition is almost complete and will begin urgent services to the vulnerable in the very near future insha’Allah. – sharing a few photos.

The Use Of Your Sadqa Donations

Life / Death emergency cases take up a large percentage of the sadqa funds donated to CAI. For example, the following emergency medical cases were aided in June to very poor patients, who would have otherwise perished:

1. 26-year-old girl in India with a brain tumor operated successfully.

2. 8-month-old girl in India with severe pneumonia successfully treated.

3. 18-month-old girl in Afghanistan treated for Perimembranous Ventricular Septal defect.

These are some of the few cases CAI was able to help using sadqa funds.

Rohingya Refugees – An Update

The 140 orphans CAI currently support are doing very well, alhamd’Allah. They have put on some weight, attend school daily and are in good spirits – see photo below.

CAI donors provide 19,000 hapless refugees get fresh, pure and safe water every day – see photo below.  With new funding from NASIMCO USA, another 25,000 suffering refugees will get potable water right by their hovels shortly insha’Allah.

5 SGH Orphans Shine At Robotic Challange

Zulaikha Mosawi, Sakina Ghaznawi, Hakima Ghulami, FarzanaRazaie and Fatima Razaie topped the Afghanistan Robotic national competition recently held in Kabul. This is remarkable, since these girls have emerged from very challenging beginnings in life, now transformed by CIA donors generosity in their education, care, and upkeep

The Situation In Yemen Deteriorates

With the blockade of Hudaidah port now in force, the situation of Yemen’s suffering has taken further deteriorated. The war victims are fleeing towards Zabid and Al-Jarrahee districts, some 100 km away from Hodeida. CAI is, alhamd’Allah, providing basic survival kits to the fleeing displaced refugees in the form of food and shelter. Sharing photos of CAI aid distribution at Al Juraahid and Zabid refugee camps:


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