CAI Newsletter – July 2018 – B

CAI Newsletter – July 2018 – B

CAI Newsletter – July 2018 – B 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Eid el Adha Animal Qurbani

CAI will once again facilitate the sacrifice of animals as per the following location and prices:

Afghanistan – $120 / Africa average – $50 / India – $86 / Yemen – $140

Please note confirmed orders or payments must be made 2 days before Eid day; all payments or orders after that date will be processed 2 days after Eid day.

Appeal For Water Project – Afghanistan

Camp e Sakhi is located in the outskirts of Mazar, Afghanistan and is home to about 2,000 very poor internally displaced refugees. These people have to trek long distances for a mere bucket of water, their only supply for the day, and go through misery in peak winter and summer months.

CAI will insha’Allah, implement a deepwater-well and distribution system to relieve the sufferings. Of the $12,000 project cost, $3,000 has already been raised. Please help CAI get to the balance so the project can start and end before winter begins in November.

Allah bless.

Renewed Cholera Outbreak In Yemen

United Nations have issued a renewed imminent alert for a cholera outbreak in Yemen. CAI donors have already helped vaccinate about 14,000 children and want to restart the program. Please help in saving a child’s life for about US$7 each and get another 3,000 children protected. Allah bless.


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