CAI Newsletter – Jun 2017 – A

CAI Newsletter – Jun 2017 – A

CAI Newsletter – Jun 2017 – A 150 150 Comfort Aid International

2017 Ramadhan Iftaar – We Made IT:

Alhamd’Allah, CAI was able to raise the US$320,000 needed to assist the poor and destitute have a more balanced iftaar this year – may Allah bless you all. This is the 19th year barring one that CAI achieved target, alhamd’Allah. Approximately 12,800 families received food aid to supplement their iftaars. 

Afghanistan – 24%
Africa (Except Tanzania and Kenya) – 8%
Bangladesh – 8%
Haiti – .28%
India – 15%
Kenya – 8%
Sri Lanka – 2.3%
Tanzania – 8%
Yemen – 26.42%

CAI Donors To Take On Fifty Additional Orphans:

Due to the overwhelming need for orphan care in Afghanistan’s Dykundy Province, CAI is taking in additional fifty boy orphans from the province and giving them the care Allah has commanded us. This will bring the total number of orphans that CAI donors have under their direct care to one hundred and fifty. These orphans,  from very poor backgrounds, will now insha’Allah receive the best in life, including a fantastic opportunity for a quality education.

CAI English Speaking Project For Poor Sri Lanka Children – Photo Update:



The Myanmar Rohingya Home Project Concludes:

The Beta / CAI three hundred home project for the war victims whose homes were burnt down by the army concludes alhamd’Allah. These homes have now been rebuilt either in the original form or in a more permanent condition with bricks and cement.

Sharing few photos clandestinely taken by aid workers at a risk to their safety.



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