CAI Newsletter – Jun 2021 – A

CAI Newsletter – Jun 2021 – A

CAI Newsletter – Jun 2021 – A 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Cholera Vaccines For Yemen Children

CAI is in the process of vaccinating 14,000 Yemeni children in refugee camps against cholera, a killer disease if not treated right and promptly. A vaccine costs US$16, which includes a through medical check and supplemental vitamins, a chance for survival. Please help us reach our goal. Allah bless. Click to donate.

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Lushoto School – Tanga, Tanzania

I had the good fortune to visit a very remote village in the Usambara mountains, called Mazumbai, located in Tanga District, Tanzania. I was there on another mission to aid poor villages struggling for water. I came upon a small school that struggles to educate 365 students. What I like about this school is they did not wait for the government to erect the 2 ramshackle mud buildings that houses their children’s school. It was their own labor that did it. Half the students sit on dirt floors. The school lacks a proper toilet, there are no windows so the children huddle together for warmth in these winter months.

CAI would love to renovate this school so that the kids can study in some comfort after trekking for about an hour coming to school. CAI will plaster the bare walls, concrete the floors, provide desks and blackboards and construct a toilet so the kids can use them in a dignified manner.

CAI is looking at about US$32,000 ($16,000 pledged) to make this school truly functional, only because of the remoteness and cost of transportation of construction material. The benefit to these children will be invaluable.

The attached photos tell a telling story. I hope you can help insha’Allah? Click to donate.

Desks for Afghan School – An Update

The first batch of 50 desks out of 500 pledged for the Hakim Nasser Khoosro School in Kabul, Afghanistan were handed over recently. About 150 children (1,500 total) will get to sit on a proper desk for the first time, instead of a dirty hard floor, thanks to your generosity and kindness. CAI is still short about US$8,600 for this 500-desk project – please help if you can. Allah bless. Click to donate.


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