CAI Newsletter – Jun 2021 – B

CAI Newsletter – Jun 2021 – B

CAI Newsletter – Jun 2021 – B 150 150 Comfort Aid International

2021 Qurbaani For Eid Al Adhaa

CAI will insha’Allah cater for the needs of qurbaani for Eid al Adhaa, distributing the meat and skin to the poor and destitute in the following countries:
Afghanistan – US$140 – large sheep
Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda) – US$50 – small goat
Bangladesh Rohingya refugees – US$122 – medium goat
Iraq – US$200 – large sheep
India – US$122 – large goat
Yemen – US$140 – large sheep/goat
All requests MUST be placed no later than July 15. Orders/payments received after this date will be honored on the 2nd or 3rd day after Eid day. Click to donate.

Afghanistan Homes For The Homeless – A Photo Update

Poor widows with children benefit from this project. 50 homes to be constructed in 2021 and gifted to widows who have lost a bread earner in the ongoing violence in Afghanistan.

Cholera Vaccines For Yemen Children

CAI is very close to the target of US$240,000 to vaccinate about 14,000 internally displaced refugees in Yemen camps. Click to donate.

Olimometer 2.52

Medical Evacuation Of Injured Kabul Schoolgirls – An Update

CAI is in the process of evacuating about nine seriously injured girls with metal shrapnel in their vital organs to either Turkey or Pakistan shortly. The process is frustratingly slow with government bureaucracy and COVID19 issues. The remaining injured continue receiving treatment within Kabul.

This is a joint WF/CAI undertaking.



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