CAI Newsletter – Jun 2022 – B

CAI Newsletter – Jun 2022 – B

CAI Newsletter – Jun 2022 – B 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Eid al Adha Qurbani

As usual, CAI is mobilizing for the Eid al Adha qurbani for the year 2022. Meat and skin will be distributed to the poor and destitute in the following countries:
Afghanistan – Large animal US$113
India – Medium animal US$104
E. Africa (Tanzania/Kenya/Uganda) – Small animal US$50
Yemen – Large animal US$140
We must have payment or confirm orders no later than June 30th. Costs will skyrocket about this date and these prices will not be possible afterward. Please book your order here now.

Food Aid Afghanistan / Yemen

The food aid for the starving and destitute in Afghanistan and Yemen continues, especially for internally displaced refugees. CAI donors support the monthly distribution of essential food grains and infant powder milk to the victims. An average of 750 families in Yemen and 2,000 in Afghanistan benefit from the feeding program monthly. Please extend a helping hand to these hapless people if possible. Allah bless.

CAI Sponsored Schools Completing In 2022

CAI has 8 school construction projects underway for completion in 2022, providing quality education to poor children in remote parts of the world. 1. Bukoba, Tanzania, 2. Manakara, Madagascar-A, 3. Manakara, Madagascar-B, 4. Al Kifl, Iraq, 5. Bugoros, Philippines, 6. Handeni, Tanzania, 7. Mombasa, Kenya. 8. Helmand, Afghanistan.

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