CAI Newsletter – June 2017 – B

CAI Newsletter – June 2017 – B

CAI Newsletter – June 2017 – B 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Zakat Fitr

CAI will insha’Allah distribute your Zakat Fitr obligation to the poor and destitute in Afghanistan, various countries of Africa and India on Eid day insha’Allah. The recommended amount is US$10 per person. Please pay the required amounts no later than June 21 so that the requisite arrangements and distribution can be made on Eid day.

Cholera Vaccine For The Children Of Yemen:

Widespread cholera is affecting Yemen now, in addition to the already existing hunger and malnutrition. CAI will insha’Allah maintain the Milk For Children Program as long as necessary and availability of resources. You can immunize a child against Cholera for US5 each. Please help us reach the goal of vaccinating 10,000 children by the end of July 2017 insha’Allah.

Olimometer 2.52

Iraq 50-Home Project For The Homeless Concludes:

This project has now concluded – sharing photos:


Gazbeeri Medical Clinic Begins Operation:

Operations at the sixth remote medical clinic in Gazbeeri, Dykundi Province in Afghanistan has begun in a rented mud home and the 30,000 strong community now has access to quality medical services for the first time ever. Sharing a few photos of operation. A state of the art, a modern building will take shape here very soon insha’Allah.

Sharing a few photos.



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