CAI Newsletter – June 2018 – A

CAI Newsletter – June 2018 – A

CAI Newsletter – June 2018 – A 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Zakaat Fitr

CAI will be distributing your Zakaat Fitr obligations to those eligible poor in various countries once more insha’Allah. Recommend amount is US$10 each per individual. Please donate or pledge by June 14 – final. If the donations/pledges are received after this time, it will be distributed after Eid day on kadha basis.

A Day At CAI Sponsored School In Kabul

Here is a delightful insight into the CAI Private English School located in Kabul, serving CAI’s 100 orphans and 200 other students. Perhaps the best standing building in the whole of Afghanistan and on the way to becoming the best performing school in the country.

Thank you and Allah bless to CAI donors.

Yemen Food/Powder Milk/Medicines Program Continues – 2,000 Children Receive Eid Gifts

The food/medicine/powder milk program for Yemen must continue, since there is very little option. CAI and partner Beta Charitable Trust donors have an ongoing program to ensure the malnutrition-ravaged children get a lifeline with the high-protein/high-calorie milk powder and food for their mothers. Please continue to support this critical lifeline project. Allah bless.

CAI donors gifted 2,000 traumatized Yemeni children with a set of new clothes, some candy and a toy this Eid day. This US$25 gift brought many smiles to these wretched kids who have seen nothing but misery, destruction, and death and felt only hunger, pain and misery. Sharing few photos:

CAI Contemplating Seventh Medical Clinic In Remote Afghanistan:

One of the most profound projects CAI undertakes is providing basic medical care in remote Afghanistan, where many have yet to see a medical doctor. Ever. Mothers die with unborn fetuses due to complications, children still remain unimmunized and major medical trauma leads to certain death. CAI’s existing 6 clinics in the remotest areas of this world tend to about 500 such unfortunate patients every day. Women give birth in a safe, warm and sterile environment, the poor get free medial attention and drugs and children, free immunizations.

Alhamd’Allah, this service is invaluable. The impact to the local community is immediate and dramatic. CAI has secure a willing donor for the construction of a modern clinic worth US$250,000.  What is needed is $77,000 in annual operating for 3 years before this project becomes viable. Any takers, in part or whole? This is an invaluable investment in sawaab e jaaria and the way to Allah’s pleasure.

Sharing some photos of CAI donor’s Kitty medical clinic in Dykoondy District of Afghanistan. It takes a hours flying from Kabul to Nili and 8 – 10 hours from Nili to Kity through some of the toughest and dangerous mountain terrain.


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