CAI Newsletter – June 2019 – A

CAI Newsletter – June 2019 – A

CAI Newsletter – June 2019 – A 150 150 Comfort Aid International

CAI To Operate A Day Orphanage In Sana’a, Yemen:

CAI has, over the past 4 years, provided donor aid to the victims of war-ravaged Yemen. This aid has been in the form of food, high protein, high calories powder milk for the malnutrition infants, vaccines against cholera for over 24,000 children (thus far) and medicines for those affected. The biggest tragedy is that the surviving orphaned children of the Yemen catastrophe get no education at all. CAI has now a window of opportunity to educate about 50 (initially) orphans with a daycare orphanage facility.

Insha’Allah, these 25 girls/25 boys orphans will receive a healthy breakfast, classroom tutoring in English, Arabic, Math, Science and Computers for 6 hours, a snack at noon and early dinner at 16:00 before returning to their guardians for the night. They will also receive clothes, medical care, books and continues counseling to overcome their misfortunes.

The cost of running this program is around US$86k to $100k per year. CAI has pledged resources for the operational costs. What is needed is the setup costs of about US$60,000. I solicit your support for this more-sustainable aid package for these hapless children of Yemen. We may not salvage the education needs for every child, but these 50 (many more later insha’Allah) may insha’Allah stand a chance for a better tomorrow.

Your usual generous support is greatly requested/appreciated. Allah bless.

CAI ZBH/School Photo Progress Report:

More Homes For The Homeless In India And Afghanistan:

Additional donor funds have been allocated to build permanent homes for the poor and homeless in India and Afganistan, preference given to widows with orphaned children. 50 homes in various locations in India and 12 in Bamiyan, Afghanistan will insha’Allah be constructed by the end of 2019, granting relief and dignity to these 62 families who currently live in dire squalor.

Here are some images from current homes CAI donors support:


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