CAI Newsletter – Mar 2023 – C

CAI Newsletter – Mar 2023 – C

CAI Newsletter – Mar 2023 – C 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Zakat el Fitr

Heads up regarding 2023 Ramadhan Zakat el Fitr. Since the zakat will be distributed to those eligible in remote areas of the CAI world, please donate now. We can then be ready to execute the project on Eid day. This year’s rate is US$12 minimum per individual. Please donate this as a loan to CAI and change your intention to zakat obligation before the Eid prayer.

2023 Ramadhan Iftaar

Alhamd’Allah, CAI worldwide donors came together to make and cross the $950k target! Food packages worth US$41 each were distributed in 21 countries to the poor across the world. This aid will supplement over 23,000 poor families to eat a fuller, more nutritious iftaar. Allah bless all CAI donors. Click HERE to view the worldwide photos of distribution.

Bibi Zainab (a) School, Helmand, Afghanistan – Photo Update

This beautiful 300-plus all-girls, CAI donor financed school in remote Helmand is ready and opening shortly. Sharing a few photos.


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