CAI Newsletter – March 2016 – A

CAI Newsletter – March 2016 – A

CAI Newsletter – March 2016 – A 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Issues With Srilanka Water Wells:

CAI deeply regrets to inform all donors that five out of the six Srilanka water-well project has been cancelled due to protracted local land disputes and monitoring issues. CAI is willing and ready to either refund these funds to donors or roll them towards similar water well projects currently in progress in Afghanistan. Request for refunds can be made to

The Halaka Water Projects Concludes:

CAI’s massive Halaka water distribution project has concluded, bringing relief to at least 20,000 plus people, providing them clean potable water at their doorsteps. No more trudging for miles through the snow to fetch a barrel of water. Alhamd’Allah and Allah bless to all the donors who invested in this invaluable opportunity.


Help These Poor Orphans:

These are 50 boy orphans from Ghazni, Afghanistan who were abandoned but CAI stepped in and trying to help them preparing for a better and productive future. Will you please help? CAI is $30,000 short for their upkeep in 2016.



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