CAI Newsletter – March 2018 – B

CAI Newsletter – March 2018 – B

CAI Newsletter – March 2018 – B 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Ramadhan Iftaar Appeal 

The holy month of Ramadhan is on the horizon and us at CAI need to plan for the distribution of foodstuff to the poor and destitute in 14 countries around the world. A food basket, each with US$32 worth of foodstuff will be distributed per family to supplement their monthlong iftaar. CAI is aiming to reach at least 10,000 families, including those suffering in Yemen and for the Rohingya refugees in the squalor camps in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. So about US$320,000 is needed, please. 

This appeal is for you to please contribute now, so we can plan and execute the logistics of purchase and distribution to some very difficult and sometimes dangerous terrain in the world, to the poorest and eligible of Allah’s creations. Allah bless.

The Rohingya Refugees – A Progress Report

The 140 donor supported Rohingya refugee orphans and the supply of potable water to 9,000 plus refugees program is going very well, alham’Allah. CAI CEO spent a day at the squalor camp in February and here is his report. You will also see photos and videos of the project. 

Extention Of Hallour School – Progress Report In Pictures:

The CAI sponsored extension of Al Mahdi School in Hallour, a remote village in India is almost ready. A wonderful project. Sharing a few photos of WIP:


CAI Celebrates The Construction Start Of Her 40th Worldwide School:

Alhamd’Allah! The ball gets rolling for a school project in Kodinar, Gujarat, where about 1,000 children will get a chance towards a quality education by next year insha’Allah. This a milestone for CAI – 40 worldwide schools, making it possible for over 20,000 poor children to get a quality education every day through the generosity of CAI donors. THANK YOU & ALLAH BLESS!



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