CAI Newsletter – March 2019 – A

CAI Newsletter – March 2019 – A

CAI Newsletter – March 2019 – A 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Ramadhan 2019 – Appeal For Iftaar Feeding

The holy month of Ramadhan, when we try and share our bounties with those who don’t have enough to eat, is about 2 months away, but CAI must start preparing the logistics of purchase and distribution of food grains now. 

Alhamd’Allah, this will be CAI’s 23rd year of Iftaar distribution to people in the most remote parts of this world. Like last year, the food grains will be delivered to the poor and destitute in 14 countries – Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Benin, Burkina Faso, Chad, India, Kenya, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and  Yemen.

This year’s budget is set at US$284,000, a challenging target but doable nevertheless, insha’Allah. Let us do our best to ensure a poor family has a decent iftaar the world over insha’Allah. This is an appeal to please donate/pledge now so the CAI team can be proactive and start the ball rolling. 

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CAI School Project In Senegal

CAI Trustees Murtaza Bhimani and Ali Yusufali recently completed a visit to rural Senegal, where CAI donors have contributed to a now fully functioning school and another one is planned for the poor village of Somb.

You might find this report on the visit interesting.

CAI continues to feed about 70 HIV infected orphans in Zanzibar with nutritious food so they can ingest the strong medication for treating their tragic disease. This food aid program, administered and distributed for at least 6 months, will insha’Allah give them a fighting chance at survival. 

Sharing a few photos.


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