CAI Newsletter – May 2019 – B

CAI Newsletter – May 2019 – B

CAI Newsletter – May 2019 – B 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Ramadhan Iftaar Feeding Program – Goal Achieved:

The US$320,000 goal for 2019 Iftaar feeding program for the poor in 19 countries was met – alhamd’Allah. Approximately 10,000 plus poor families in some of the most remote and violence-stricken countries in the world got relief food packages, enabling them a decent iftaar every day.

A huge thank you to all donors, small and big who generously contributed to this very worthy investment. Allah bless.

CAI 50th Worldwide School – A Vision Within Grasp:

Alhamd’Allah, the 46th CAI donor-sponsored school is identified and funds for construction allocated this holy month. It will be in a very remote village of Somb, 7 hours from Dakar, Senegal. 500 very poor, almost all barefoot, trek to a rickety unstable outdoor school, sit for hours on the dirt floor under a blazing sun for a chance to write and read some words.

They will, in a few months insha’Allah, be sitting on desks in a modern classroom, and hopefully become better and productive humans to their beings, their families, their nations and the wider world. I get no better feeling of gratitude and joy that Allah has granted CAI this wonderful opportunity to serve mankind.

Here is the list of CAI funded schools since 2007:

Powder Milk / Food / Medical Aid To Yemen Continues – A Photo Update:

CAI is committed to providing these services to the victims of violence in Yemen through 2019 and beyond, if necessary. Your generous contributions are what makes this possible. Sharing a few recent photos:

Zakaat ul Fitr – 2019:

CAI will insha’Allah facilitate the distribution of your Zakaat ul Fitr obligations to the poor and destitute on June 5. This will happen in Afghanistan, India, Tanzania, and Yemen.  CAI suggests US$12 per person so that the maximum number of eligible recipients can benefit from this program and have some cheer on this holy day.

Please donate/pledge by Monday, June 3 so that proper arrangements can be done in advance, keeping in mind most locations are distant and remote. Any donation/pledges received after this date will be distributed June 6/7/8, insha’Allah.



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