CAI Newsletter – May 2020 – B

CAI Newsletter – May 2020 – B

CAI Newsletter – May 2020 – B 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Zakat Fitra

CAI will insha’Allah facilitate the distribution of Zakat Fitra to the poor and destitute in several countries on Eid-el-Fitr. The countries covered will be determined later, depending on how much is collected. At this time, it will be in Afghanistan, India, Iraq and Yemen.

The rate depends on every individuals common meals; CAI recommends a minimum US$10, more if you can keep in mind most recipients will be those still reeling from the effects of COVID-19 consequences.

Please ensure you loan the funds to CAI until Eid day and then change your intention to that of zakat.

Eid Gifts For Yemen / Rohingya Orphans:

CAI is looking to provide Eid gifts to the orphans in Sa’naa and Rohungya refugee camps in Cox’s Bazaar on May 23/24 insha’Allah. Each orphan child will receive a new set of clothes, a toy and some chocolates/candies to make their Eid special. Please join us?

The Orphans In Sa’naa And COVIS-19

The only orphanage under direct CAI care unaffected by COVIS-19 restrictions is the Sakina Home in Sa’naa, Yemen. All the others – Afghanistan, India, the Rohingyas at Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh and Zanzibar shut down. CAI still provides food, essentials and remote learning resources with teachers going house to house twice a week. Still, our children in Yemen have to take all precautions – sharing a few photos at their school and sanctuary.



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