CAI Newsletter – May 2021 – B

CAI Newsletter – May 2021 – B

CAI Newsletter – May 2021 – B 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Yombo Center For Handicap Children – Project Concludes

Over the past two years, CAI donors have supported the woeful facilities at the Yombo Center for Handicap Children outside Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. After renovating inhumane kitchen facilities where the handicap children were fed basic meals in a shockingly unhealthy manner, CAI donors pitched in to renovate two dormitories, both unfit for human occupation. Working with Nyota Foundation, CAI’s partners in Tanzania, the project is complete and was handed over Eid holidays. The 73-odd handicap children were beyond themselves with their new digs. A very proud donors/CAI/ Nyota Foundation undertaking. Sharing a few photos.

Aid To Seriously Injured Kabul Bombings

As expected, the victims who were injured in the recent bombing at the Sayyed Suhadaa School in Kabul are left in a lurch. CAI is mobilizing medical aid to the seriously injured students. Schoolgirls with shrapnel in their bodies and other life-threatening injuries will be helped with, some even outside of Afghanistan. Initially, CAI is looking for help in prescription medication, lab and bloodwork, therapy and counseling for the girls traumatized by the blast. An initial amount of US$140,000 is being sought to help a few more seriously injured girls seek help in Turkey, the only open option for secondary medical care. CAI is partnering with World Federation – AID in this project, who have pledged an initial US$50,000. These poor girls will perhaps recover from their trauma with time. We may never be able to help all and every girl, but for the few we do, this is an invaluable investment for the pleasure of Allah. Click to donate.

Cholera Vaccines For Yemen Children

CAI is in the process of vaccinating 14,000 Yemeni children in refugee camps against cholera, a killer disease if not treated right and promptly. A vaccine costs US$16, which includes a through medical check and supplemental vitamins, a chance for survival. Please help us reach our goal. Allah bless. Click to donate.

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