CAI Newsletter – Nov 2021 – A

CAI Newsletter – Nov 2021 – A

CAI Newsletter – Nov 2021 – A 150 150 Comfort Aid International

1st CAI Sponsored Hydrophiles & Spina Bifida Camp

It was a painful day for 25 infants from poor families who received live-saving surgery to treat hydrophiles & spina bifida, sponsored by CAI donors. This easily preventable ailment affects deprived families with poor nutrition and is devastating for newborn babies. This life-saving procedure costs only US$200 and shared by the hospital and CAI. A camp for 25 sick infants is planned every month if funding is available. Please consider helping a poor child live.
Click here to see more photos.

Donate A Blanket – Save A Life

Winters in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kargil (India), and Yemen are usually brutal and can kill the most vulnerable, the young and old. CAI is mobilizing to distribute a total of 14,000 blankets in these four countries. Let us help ward off the bitter cold by sponsoring a warm blanket for US$25 each, helping two adults stay warm through the winter season.
Please consider donating.

Water For Rohingya Refugees

CAI continues to sponsor the delivery of clean potable water 24×7 to about 40,000 hapless Rohingya refugees outside Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh. It costs about US$36,000 per year to maintain the pumps, pay for the diesel and general upkeep of the two initial deep water wells CAI sponsored to drill. Sharing a few photos.


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