CAI Newsletter – Nov 2022 – B

CAI Newsletter – Nov 2022 – B

CAI Newsletter – Nov 2022 – B 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Sultan Lindogan Primary School Opening - Philippines

A very happy and exciting day for about 120 schoolchildren in the remote village of Munai, Philippines. CAI-sponsored Sultan Lindongan Primary School was officially inaugurated by Trustees Sohail Abdullah and Yusufali in November 2022. This school will serve as a model educational experience for these poor children, especially girls, who struggle to find quality education opportunities. Sharing a few photos.

Lifesaving Food Aid For Somalia

BCT (UK) and CAI (USA) have partnered to bring desperately needed food aid to the internally displaced refugees in Somalia. Lack of rain, drought, and the resulting failed harvests have created havoc and hunger in much of the Horn of Africa, with Somalia hit the hardest. Hungry populations have abandoned their villages and moved to the outskirts of Mogadishu in search of food. Abdulkareem Lalji was in Mogadishu for ensuring the US$50,000 in food aid was distributed in a compliant manner. CAI will insha’Allah repeat this feeding program funds permitting. Sharing a few photos.

CAI’s Commitment To Education Opportunities

CAI donors are passionate about providing educational opportunities and support to exceptional students who cannot afford tuition fees. About 100 poor but very bright schoolgirls in Pakistan from Kauthar College, Islamabad, Dar Al Muwaddah School in Kardla, and Bintul Huda Girls Model School, Skardu, Baltistan, will get scholarships to continue their education for the year 2023.



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