CAI Newsletter – November 2015 – A

CAI Newsletter – November 2015 – A

CAI Newsletter – November 2015 – A 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Winter Blankets / Heating Coal Appeal – 50% Of Project Complete:

With winter approaching, CAI is getting ready to save lives of vulnerable people around the world, especially refugees who will need blankets to survive. CAI will be distributing blankets and heating coals in Afghanistan and in the border areas of the conflict zone in the Middle East. A very warm blanket with transportation costs about US$25 and 2 weeks supply of heating coal costs $28. Please help make this project a success by supporting CAI efforts to help at least 10,000 families this winter. You will save lives insha’Allah.

Please go to and donate. Allah bless.

Water Well Projects In Sri Lanka – A Photo Update:


English Speaking Skills For Poor Sri Lankan Students- A Photo update:


Economic Uplifting Afghan Widows:

One of the most gratifying programs that CAI has for the poor, destitute widows in Afghanistan is the Sheep Distribution Program (SDP). Each eligible widow is granted five sheep. Each sheep gives very good quality milk which is converted to yogurt or hard cheese. This is marketed in the local bazaar and the widow earns money for food and daily upkeep. The five sheep turn into fifteen – twenty animals within a year. The widow stops begging within three months maximum. She must give back at least one sheep into the program within one year so others can be helped as well. It costs US$120 per sheep.

A win / win program.


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