CAI Newsletter – November 2016 – A

CAI Newsletter – November 2016 – A

CAI Newsletter – November 2016 – A 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Milk For Children – Yemen

The food crises in Yemen is desperate, we all know this. CAI cannot solve the entire problem but children going without milk is not conscionably acceptable. Not doing anything is not an option. CAI trustees will attempt to visit Yemen shortly and distribute milk worth US$50,000 to the starving in Hudaydah. Whether they actually make it to Yemen is not clear but an attempt will be made through Djibouti insha’Allah. Nevertheless, this milk powder will insha’Allah be distributed one way or another. Your kind help is solicited, please. Donate here. Allah bless.

CAI Donors Aid Haiti Hurricane Disaster victims:

Sohail Abdullah and Ali Yusufali made a brief visit to various hurricane Matthew affected areas in and around Port Au Prince, Haiti. The devastation is colossal and the situation is very dismal, especially regarding potable water. Although not logistically capable of all the humanitarian relief required,  CAI is, in partnership with BETA Charitable Trust in the UK and other donors, planning to implement several portable water stations to purify contaminated water. These stations will supply up to 20,000 gallons of clean potable water of 5 gallons to each family per day. Various units will be set up right away with the balance in stage two insha’Allah. In addition, CAI will repair a blown away torn roof of an elementary school. All these will be implemented in the name of Imam Hussein (a), to educate the local community about the Imam (a) and Ahlebeyt (a).

You can read the trip report here and view some photos here.

Please help if possible; the aim is to raise US$41k insha’Allah. Please click here to donate to CAI or click here to donate via BETA. Allah bless.

CAI Donors Gift Poor Students School Desks In Senegal:

CAI donors gifted 100 desks to 2 poor schools in remote Senegal, each desk accommodates 3 students and costs US$100. Sharing few photos of happy children enjoying their gift. 


A Day In The Life Of A CAI Medical Clinic In Remote Afghanistan:

We share a day in the life of CAI donor’s sponsored Kitty Medical Clinic, in a very remote part of Afghanistan’s Dykoondy Province. This area did not have medical services before CAI began operations two years ago. It now caters to about 70 very poor and vulnerable people per day, providing all elementary medical services, including live births in a sterile environment and children’s immunizations. This is a very profound life changing service provided by CAI donors and the impact it has on the people is simply priceless. Alhamd’Allah. Please click here.


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