CAI Newsletter – November 2017 – B

CAI Newsletter – November 2017 – B

CAI Newsletter – November 2017 – B 150 150 Comfort Aid International

School For Rohingya Orphans Starts Construction – Photo Update:

The school will be ready for opening December 10, 2017, insha’Allah. The deepwater wells are also underway and will update their status shortly insha’Allah. Here is current progress:


CAI Begins Construction On A Hospital Floor For Parachinar, Pakistan:

CAI will sponsor the construction of an entire floor for badly required medical services to the deprived and terror targeted area of Pakistan, including 16 slots for beds, 8 medical and 8 surgical. The construction will start shortly and complete by May 2018 insha’Allah. CAI is short US$9,000 for this US$70,000 project, so please chip in and help if possible. Allah bless.

CAI Donor Supported Medical Life Death Cases:

Did you know, CAI helped over 18 worldwide medical life support cases in 2017 worth US$86,000 so far? This aid is provided for very critical sick individuals who are destitute and have no means to have the medical care required. Here are 2 kidney transplant cases in Afghanistan, both successful and on their way to full recovery insha’Allah. Please help CAI continue this service and save lives. Allah bless.


CAI Donor Supported Education For The Poor:

Did you know, CAI schools educate over 14,000 poor students in very remote parts of this world every single day? Without this service, these kids would probably rot away in ignorance and perpetual poverty. 

In addition to the worldwide schools:

  • CAI donors helped 35 poor college students worldwide higher education YTD 2017 worth over US$25,000.
  • CAI donors helped pay for over 5,000 poor children elementary school fees worldwide worth over US$200,000.

Education helps alleviate poverty, not for just the poor child, it enriches current lives and posterity. Please join CAI and continue this incredible non-exhaustible legacy of education. Allah bless.


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