CAI Newsletter – November 2018 – A

CAI Newsletter – November 2018 – A

CAI Newsletter – November 2018 – A 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Yemen – An Epic Catastrophe

On a macro level, the disaster in Yemen is devastating, paralyzing and overwhelming, totally illogical and dehumanizing. We see the statistics and they become incomprehensible facts and numbers after a while – millions on the verge of starvation, disease and the constant barrage of senseless destruction.

On a micro level, the situation becomes more personal and heartbreaking, very painful. Mothers who haplessly regard their children wasting away to die because they have no breastmilk to give and no food to produce the milk themselves. Thousands of wide-eyed, voicelessly weeping, cholera-infected children, with runny noses and incessant flies buzzing about them, wanting for impossible-to-come succor; they cannot die in peace either.

Hard hit and devastated Hodaida, Sanaa, and surrounding villages, are the areas CAI aid goes to, supporting refugees from Taiz, Aden, and Nihm. Working with registered charities Shear Aid Yemen, Ajrulresallah Charity Foundation, Reisalt Althaqalin Foundation, and Aljawf Charity

We cannot do everything – but everybody can do something.

CAI donors and partners BETA Charitable Trust are saving lives! A six-week high-protein, high-calorie powder milk diet will give a starving child a fighting chance to survive diseases. With cholera vaccines, food grains, and temporary shelter to the internally displaced refugees, CAI donors have helped thousands and saved lives insha’Allah. This aid is even more critical now. With partner NGO’s and personnel on the ground, CAI can help. Act now please, and let us do something.

2,500 blankets @ US$10 each have been allocated for the coming winter. There is a need for more and for infant powder milk and vaccines.

The Decaying Lives Of Rohingyas – An Update:

I have returned from a ground inspection at their squalor camps outside Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh a week ago. The situation remains grim and cruel, with an impossible future. their return home to Myanmar is an impossible possibility. The victims, 75% of them women and children, while away their lives staring into the face of a bottomless abyss.

Although CAI donors take care of 140 orphan children and supply about 12,000 refugees with daily potable water,  the need for succor is immense. CAI has committed to caring for an additional 100 orphans in the afternoon shift at the purpose-built school. The incremental cost for this commitment is US$60,000/year for the complete care of them, including education. Please help us continue this excellent and valuable investment for humanity. Allah bless.

Photos click here.

CAI’s New Boys Orphanage/School In Kabul – An Update:

The new extension to the SGH orphanage/school, benefiting 50 ZBH (Zahra Boys Home) orphans is underway in Kabul and progressing very well, This will be the new home for the boys as well as the CPES (CAI Private English School) will get an expansion. Sharing progress photos:

Request For Donors Contributing By Check:

Contributors to CAI by checks are requested to please include an email address so a receipt can be emailed. This will be much easier to administratively manage and costs nothing to CAI. Thank you and Allah bless.




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