CAI Newsletter – November 2018 – C

CAI Newsletter – November 2018 – C

CAI Newsletter – November 2018 – C 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Abul Fazl Abbas School – Tanga

Happy to report CAI sponsored school, The Abul Fazl Abbas Elementary School was officially opened by Trustee Yusufali on November 21, 2018. Alhamd’Allah 140 children from very challenging financial backgrounds now study in a modern structure, complete with desks and toilets with running water. A computer lab and library will follow shortly and the school will boost capacity to 300. Insha’Allah. Sharing photos from the happy day.

Selling Daughters – Afghanistan

This luckless country is facing major food issues, as if the precarious security situation is not a colossal tragedy itself. Due to Taliban attacks and a crippling drought, displaced families have begun selling their daughters for about US$3,000 (why the girls always?!) to feed other hungry family members. CAI is frantically trying to get food aid supplies so the situation can maybe somehow be alleviated insha’Allah. Let us do our part and help.

Help Children Like Ulfat – Zanzibar

This is Ulfat Abdallah. She is 17 (looks 12)  and is infected with HIV from her now dead mother. She is smart, completed Form 2 (Grade 10) and now waits to die for relief. Due to the medication that keeps her alive, she must eat well, something she cannot do because she has only her unemployed impoverished grandmother for support. It is a heartbreaking situation for about 200 odd children like her in Zanzibar. CAI is going to support these children with protein and other nutritious foods for 6 months, initially.  Please chip in and let us keep these beautiful creatures of Allah alive. More important, let us provide them with hope and kindness.

Mobile Medical Clinic – Yemen

Due to the precarious security situation in the country, fixed medical centers are no longer viable to administrate medical services. CAI will, insha’Allah, do a pilot project to vaccinate 100 children a day for a month in January 2019. The total cost of vaccinating these 3,000 children against the absolute threat of cholera is US$30,000, including a mobile clinic, doctors, nurses, and the medication. Please help if possible – Allah bless.




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