CAI Newsletter – November 2019 – A

CAI Newsletter – November 2019 – A

CAI Newsletter – November 2019 – A 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Homeless Housing Project In Afghanistan – An Update

25 in remote Bamiyan and 12 homes in Kabul are almost ready and will be distributed to homeless widows with children. These candidates are meticulously researched to ensure only the neediest get the homes. Considering the remoteness of the area, the extreme elements and constant risk from violence, it is amazing that the CAI team on the ground can deliver such finishing products. A proud donor – CAI undertaking. Sharing a few photos:

Monrovia Jaffery School Extension – An Update

The CAI sponsored extension to Jaffery English School in Monrovia coming along nicely. The school caters to about 600 very financially challenged students that get a quality education. Sharing a few photos:

Blankets Save Lives

Winter is around the corner and CAI is mobilizing for the annual winter blankets drive to help those vulnerable survive the bitter cold, especially in central Afghanistan, where the snow and ice will kill.

Let us help a poor widow with young children or elderly parents survive this period with a simple warm blanket at US$25 each. CAI plans to distribute at least 2,000 of these in Afghanistan and Yemen. Allah bless.

Olimometer 2.52

Vivid Imaginations – A Memoir

Captivating, candid and blunt autobiography worth reading to understand the cultures of our past. The author’s experience and perspective draws many lessons through the vicissitudes of life as a successful philanthropist – Hasanain Rajabali, Philanthropist & Motivational Speaker

This will be a limited print issue, only 320 copies (291 already booked). All proceeds, 100%, benefit CAI’s circa 600 orphans worldwide. Please purchase a copy or more for $50 (or more) each? For legal and administrative purposes, the donation is not tax-deductible and must be purchased online at Allah bless.

Please note this book will be published end of the year 2019 and mailed immediately thereafter. Insha’Allah.


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