CAI Newsletter – Oct 2021 – A

CAI Newsletter – Oct 2021 – A

CAI Newsletter – Oct 2021 – A 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Encouraging News From Afghanistan

The US Treasury Department has issued a general license for US based NGOs to continue operation in Afghanistan, offering humanitarian assistance to the poor and marginalized. Alhamd’Allah. CAI has resumed complete operations as of October 2. This includes the CPES school, the SGH and ZBH safehouses for 150 orphans, the 6 remote medical clinics, the water project in Helmand and the food aid to the destitute.

The food situation for the displaced poor people continue to remain perilous.

CAI To Aid Poor Syrian Orphans In Lebanon

In line with CAI’s objectives to provide superior and equal opportunities for orphans worldwide, CAI will initiate the complete care of 50 Syrian orphans who are refugees in Lebanon. A school/safehouse is under renovation, and teachers and other staff and facilities are currently being mobilized to provide for an excellent education and self-development opportunity for them. This facility will expand to 100 orphans after about a year of fruitful operations, insha’Allah.

A proud donor/CAI undertaking.

500 Critically Ill Tanzanian Infants Get CAI Donor Help

Babies born with hydrophiles & spina bifida is rampant is E. Africa. Lack of folic acid in expectant mothers is the main culprit. Poor mothers from upcountry and rural areas struggle to make it to Muhimbili Hospital in Dar es Salaam and then are expected to co-pay US$100 in surgery costs, an impossible amount for most of them. We can save many infants and give them a new lease in quality life for about US$100. Please consider contribution towards a child or two or more. CAI is shooting for 500 surgeries by 2021end insha’Allah. Sharing a few photos of these hapless kids.

A Sampler

This clip about CAI funded school and orphanage in Uganda will give you an insight of where and how CAI donor funds are used. This is one among 14 countries that CAI is actively engaged in helping humanity strive for a better tomorrow insha’Allah.


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