CAI Newsletter – Oct 2022 – A

CAI Newsletter – Oct 2022 – A

CAI Newsletter – Oct 2022 – A 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Life Saver Blankets

The recent natural disasters in Afghanistan and Pakistan have left the poorest vulnerable reeling with very bleak winter months approaching. CAI focuses on providing those who have lost their homes from flooding with blankets to survive the severe cold, especially in Afghanistan. The qualifying victims of the floods in Pakistan will be granted tents and blankets. Please help save lives by sponsoring a blanket or more.

Mtambile High School – Pemba

This school was officially handed over to the local community on October 5, 2022. CAI donors gifted the destruction and rehabilitation of seven dilapidated and dangerous classrooms, constructed a washroom set, and provided desks for the students to sit on. A very happy day for over 500 students from poor villages with a super modern school to continue education in a secure and dignified manner.

A proud donor / CAI undertaking.

Infant Milk / Food Aid – Yemen

CAI donors continue to feed the very vulnerable destitute of Yemen, victims of violence. Powder milk for infants and food for the poor is distributed to the destitute monthly in remote areas of the country. Sharing a few photos from August.

A proud BCT (UK) and CAI undertaking.

Please help if possible. Allah bless.


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