CAI Newsletter – Oct 2022 – B

CAI Newsletter – Oct 2022 – B

CAI Newsletter – Oct 2022 – B 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Life Saver Blankets

The recent natural disasters in Afghanistan and Pakistan have left the poorest vulnerable reeling with very bleak winter months approaching. CAI focuses on providing those who have lost their homes from flooding with blankets to survive the severe cold, especially in Afghanistan. The qualifying victims of the floods in Pakistan will be granted tents and blankets. Please help save lives by sponsoring a blanket or more.

Another Water Project Commissioned

A deep water well and distribution project in remote waterless locations of Mazaar Shareef, Afghanistan sponsored by TRS (New Zealand) and CAI (USA). This project will benefit about 5,000 internally displaced refugees fleeing violence in the country.

This project will resolve their daily water woes. Women and children will have pure drinking water any time of the day within a few feet of their homes instead of walking miles and lugging a barrel of water.

A proud donor / CAI undertaking.

Food Aid For Kenya/Somalia/Ethiopia

Severe drought has brought starvation and death to thousands in northern Kenya, Somalia, and Ethiopia. CAI is partnering with BCT (UK) to feed the victims of this calamity. The first phase was completed this week with Murtaza Bhimani, the CAI Africa representative, distributing the food on the ground. Much more needs to be done. This is a colossal disaster of human suffering in the works. We may not save all the victims, for sure, but let’s try and feed these helpless humans and save some lives. Please help if possible. Allah bless.



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