CAI Newsletter – October 2015 – B

CAI Newsletter – October 2015 – B

CAI Newsletter – October 2015 – B 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Winter Blankets / Heating Coal Appeal:

With winter approaching, CAI is getting ready to save lives of vulnerable people around the world, especially refugees who will need blankets to survive. CAI will be distributing blankets and heating coals in Afghanistan and in the border areas of the conflict zone in the Middle East. A very warm blanket with transportation costs about US$25 and 2 weeks supply of heating coal costs $28. Please help make this project a success by supporting CAI efforts to help at least 10,000 families this winter. You will save lives insha’Allah.

Please go to and donate. Allah bless.

CAI Orphan Boys Of Ghazni – In Photos:

This is the new orphanage in Ghazni, catering to the overall, especially educational needs of 50 orphan boys. Ghanzi has been and remain very volatile due to  violence and had to close down for a week due to a security threat as a measure for abundant caution. We remain positive these orphan boys will eventually leave us educated, confident and exemplary Muslims at age 18.


Mehmoodpur 70 Homes For Poor Widows Project – A Photo Update:

This project in UP, India is coming along well. 17 homes are complete; the balance by April 2016 insha’Allah.


Sakina Girls Orphanage And School – Grand Opening:

The massive SGH orphanage / school project is almost done and a grand opening is planned late April 2016 insha’Allah. Many of you have shown interest in coming to Kabul for the opening, so CAI is gearing up with arrangements. This will be a quick 3-day event; guests coming in Day 1, the event on Day 2 and departure Day 3. It will open to both genders, but severely structured for your safety. Space is obviously very limited to 10 individuals only, accommodation at a single facility with comfortable but limited amenities. We will need confirm attendees by February 2016.

Sharing photos of the current construction status – MAASHA’ALLAH:



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