CAI Newsletter – October 2017 – A

CAI Newsletter – October 2017 – A

CAI Newsletter – October 2017 – A 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Donor Aid To Rohingya Refugees In BD Begin:

Aid to the wretched Rohingya refugees (read Blog here) at the squalor camps at Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh has begun. Due to the total lack of sanitation facilities in the camps and the real and immediate threat of communicable diseases, CAI has begun the construction of two toilets, one each for women/men and 1 shallow water wells each for every 15 shanties that house an average of 15 individuals each – total 50 toilets and 25 water wells. Additionally, CAI is in the process to sponsor the health and well-being of at least 100 orphaned children for at least 1 year, extending further insha’Allah.

A privacy affording sturdy toilet costs US$120 and a hand-held water pump about US$270.

Please do support this long-term endeavor. Allah bless.

Besieged Phillipino Community In Marawi City Gets CAI Donor Food Aid:

This community has suffered intensely due to the military operations in Marawi City, Philippines. CAI donors were able to offer some food support and the rebuilding of a destroyed community center. Photo update.


Scholarships To Yemeni College Students:

Yemen has been reduced to a rubble. A poor country to begin with, the constant bombing of her infrastructure has taken a terrible toll on every aspect of life. Education has been set back generations with very few schools operating.

But even with these overwhelming odds, some students strive for a college education. There are a few colleges still operating, and poor college students want to complete their studies in the hope that tomorrow will be better insha’Allah. For US$250 / year you can sponsor a student and help her/him partially pay for tuition and books for one year. Let us grant the struggling student who, against tremendous odds, tries so hard to better her / his life. And many others who will depend on them.

CAI is facilitating the education of 50 girls and 50 boys in this very worthy project/investment. Every student has been verified needy and eligible.

CAI Donors Water Aid To Drought-Stricken Areas Of Kenya:

Photo update.



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