CAI Newsletter – October 2018 – A

CAI Newsletter – October 2018 – A

CAI Newsletter – October 2018 – A 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Tsunami In Indonesia – A Cry For Help

CAI is getting ready to send assistance to the surviving victims of the devastating tsunami that destroyed the island of Sulawesi in general and the towns of Palu and Dongala in particular, killing over a 1,300 people. Tents and  potable drinking water is what is urgently needed. CAI has committed manpower on ground and US$10,000 in emergency aid towards to this tragedy and will most likely increase the aid as more resources become available.

Please lend CAI a helping hand so the survivors can drink potable water, lack of which will open up all kinds of diseases.

CAI Medical Clinic In Gazbeeri, Afghanistan:

This is what the Clinic looks like, ready to open early November, catering to minimum 50 very poor patients per day. These clinics have a very profound impact to these hapless communities, who have no had no access to medical care, ever.

Update On The CAI Sponsored Elementary School In Al Kifl, Iraq:

This school is almost complete in Shihabiyah village near Kifl, Najaf – opening November 10 insha’Allah.  About 450 poor children to attend this school in relative comfort. Sharing few photos:

Request For Donors Contributing By Check:

Contributors to CAI by checks are requested to please include an email address so a receipt can be emailed. This will be much easier to administratively manage and costs nothing to CAI. Thank you and Allah bless.




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