CAI Newsletter – October 2018 – B

CAI Newsletter – October 2018 – B

CAI Newsletter – October 2018 – B 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Tsunami In Indonesia – CAI’s Humanitarian Efforts

US$14,000 worth of relief supplies have been sent to the tsunami affected areas of Sulawesi Island of Indonesia. Tents and drinking water has been distributed to those who are most affected. Sharing photos of the distribution:

1st Water Well In Basra, Iraq Strike Water:

The first water well in the infected area of Basra, Iraq has already been drilled and struck bountiful water, albeit dirty. The desalination and purification plant are being currently installed and should be ready shortly insha’Allah. The distribution points will follow shortly afterwards. Once this process is complete, the other 3 water wells will begin drilling. Sharing few photos:

2 Schools / Orphanage In Bamako, Mali Now Live:

Two schools and an orphanage were officially declared open in Bamako, Mali on October 9 by CAI officials and others visiting Mali. Please read report and view photos here.

Request For Donors Contributing By Check:

Contributors to CAI by checks are requested to please include an email address so a receipt can be emailed. This will be much easier to administratively manage and costs nothing to CAI. Thank you and Allah bless.




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