CAI Newsletter – Sep 2020 – A

CAI Newsletter – Sep 2020 – A

CAI Newsletter – Sep 2020 – A 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Sindh, Pakistan Floods – CAI Donors Send Food/Water Aid

Unprecedented rains in Pakistan have left thousands in people in Sindh homeless and hungry, especially the poor. Karachi has been especially hard hit, crippling the city. CAI has teamed up with Hussaini Foundation to feed 1,400 families essential rations worth Rs.2,500 each. The initial target amount has been met and aid is currently being distributed – Allah bless to all donors.

Update report and photos to follow shortly insha’Allah.

A New Elementary School In Remote Afghanistan

A brand new elementary school funded by CAI donors is taking shape in remote Qurbaani village near Mazaar Shareef, Afghanistan for about 500 plus internally displaced refugee children, mostly, who have no current schools to attend.

This is CAI’s 25th donor-supported school in Afghanistan.

Sharing some photos of construction in progress:

New Zanzibar Girls Orphanage Coming UP

Zanzibar has an awful lot of HIV infected orphans. CAI donors will, insha’Allah, provide complete care to 20 girl orphans beginning January 2021. This includes a comfortable home, nutritious food, medical and physiological care, clothes, and quality education in reputable schools.

A securely fenced house has already been rented and is being renovated for a home for 20. This will bring the total worldwide orphans under CAI donor proud sponsorship to about 700.

Sharing a few photos:


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