CAI Newsletter – Sept 2022 – B

CAI Newsletter – Sept 2022 – B

CAI Newsletter – Sept 2022 – B 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Focus On Pakistan

Aid from Comfort Aid International (USA) donors was on the ground within a week of the catastrophe that engulfed Pakistan last week. Emergency potable water, food, and shelter have/are being distributed to the survivors of the floods. The focus now shifts to blankets and shelter.

The homeless victims will need a tent and blankets to survive. CAI is targeting 14,000 blankets between Pakistan and Afghanistan at about US$32 for a large, thick blanket to shelter 2 adults and a child. This cost includes transportation to remote areas of both countries. Please help save lives by sponsoring a blanket or more.

Zaynab School, Afghanistan – A Photo Update

This school in Helmand, Afghanistan, one of the most remote and backward in the luckless country, is almost ready to commission. 500 poor students, the majority female, will benefit from a safe, warm, and modern structure.

Najma And Idreesa - Let's Give Them Dignity

Najma and Idreesa, are two severely blind and Albina kids with skin melanoma cancer. They live with about 50 others at Toangoma School outside Dar es Salaam. Their parents are so dirt poor, that the kids have been ‘dumped’ here to die. The other kids are either partially or totally blind.

They do not drink milk or eat fruit, meat, or candy. Their daily meal is corn mush and beans, and boiled spinach. CAI is looking for US$10,000 so we can:

– Purchase 10 bunk beds with mattresses so each child can sleep individually. They currently share a mattress, so cross-contamination of sickness is rampant.
– Get them some decent tables and chairs so they can sit and eat in comfort.
–  Najma and Idreesa need dignity in their illness and whatever time they have left. Both the kids scratch themselves silly due lack of special oils for their skins. They need to be seen by a skin specialist so proper care can be given, at least so they can stay still in peace instead of being in constant torment.

Please help if possible. Allah bless.


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