CAI Newsletter – September 2017 – C

CAI Newsletter – September 2017 – C

CAI Newsletter – September 2017 – C 150 150 Comfort Aid International

CAI Donors Reach Out To Rohingya Refugees In Bangladesh:

CAI Trustees are on the ground in Cox Bazar, Bangladesh trying to bring some relief to the terrible plight of the Rohingya people who have been forced out of their homes in Myanmar (Burma). Due to the overwhelming demand by over 400,000 such people, logistics for distributing any help is daunting. Nevertheless, CAI priority is for the orphaned children that make it to the squalor camps. About 100 children will be provided complete medical attention, including immunizations, a large bowl of high nutrition porridge and an opportunity to learn basic English, survival tools and hygiene basics.

Initial budget for this program is US$75,000 and will expand as the program firms and gets official recognition insha’Allah

Please help if possible. Allah bless.

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