CAI Newsletter – September 2018 – A

CAI Newsletter – September 2018 – A

CAI Newsletter – September 2018 – A 150 150 Comfort Aid International

2nd Phase of CEPS School Begins:

The CAI English Private School (CEPS) in Kabul has proved so successful in 2 years that it is expanding! The new facility, which will include new, modern digs for the 50 orphans at Zahra Boys Home who are currently housed in a rental facility. Sharing a few photos:

This Village In Basra Need Clean Water Urgently:

The 3 deep water wells that CAI donors facilitated between Najaf and Kerbala 3 years ago is working wonders, supplying clean, potable water to thousands. Another village, in Basra, Iraq with 25,000 plus people drink contaminated water. CAI wants to help them get clean water. The cost is US$46,000 ($14k collected) for drilling a deep well, installing a water-purification system and the distribution paraphernalia. Please do help with this project if possible. Allah bless.

3 Schools, An Orphanage, A Medical Clinic – Opening October 2018:

5 of CAI projects benefitting the poor under construction are slated to officially open in October / November 2018 insha’Allah:

  1. An elementary school in Ouadagadou, Burkina Faso.
  2. A high school in Bamako, Mali.
  3. An orphanage in Bamako, Mali.
  4. An elementary school in Mazar, Afghanistan.
  5. An medical clinic in Gazbeeri, Dykondy, Afghanistan.

Allah bless to all the donors for helping CAI complete these milestones in time and budget.

Second Phase Water Project For Rohingya Refugees Begins:

After frustrating bureaucratic delays, the second phase water project for the Rohingya refugees in Cox’s Bazar has begun. This will add about an additional 20,000 people to the daily distribution line, providing life-saving clean potable water to these hapless and persecuted people.

A proud NASIMCO / CAI undertaking.




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