CAI Newsletter – September2015 – A

CAI Newsletter – September2015 – A

CAI Newsletter – September2015 – A 150 150 Comfort Aid International

2015 Eid Hajj Qurbaani Project

CAI will, as usual, offer Qurbaani services for 2015 in Afghanistan, India and Africa. All meat and skin will be distributed to the poor and indigent in remote areas. Payments / pledges must be received by CAI no later than September 20th for the following prices to hold; all requests after this date will be at current market rates, which will probably be significantly higher:

Afghanistan – US$120 – Very large animal

Africa – US$41 – Small animal

India – US$104 – Large animal


Ahangar Medical Clinic Begins Operations

CAI’s 4th Imam Sajjad Medical Clinic in Afghanistan began operations at Ahangar in Dykoondy Provice, one of the most remote parts of our world. This community of over 20,000 who have no access to any medical facility whatsoever now have an MD, an RN, a midwife and primary / secondary drugs to avail if sick, especially expectant mothers.  The facility is a mud / straw home, but CAI will, insha’Allah, construct a modern medical clinic here in 2016. This is a great achievement for CAI donors who have made this life-saving project possible. Sharing few photos of our new clinic:


School Project Update

CAI takes the education of unprivileged children in poor countries as a priority area for assistance. In addition to construction of 20 schools in Afghanistan, 6 in India, 1 in Africa, the restoration of 3 delipidated schools in Zanzibar and 2 in Pakistan, tuition support to thousands of poor elementary school students and scholarship support to hundreds of outstanding poor college students all over the world, CAI is poised to shortly take up construction of a school in Senegal insha’Allah. This school, in a very poor locality, will serve 700 odd children with quality education insha’Allah. 

We seek your support to keep this invaluable service alive and healthy so we can be assured of a future community that is educated and prosperous.

Allah bless.


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