CAI Newsletter – Special Ramadhan 2015 Edition

CAI Newsletter – Special Ramadhan 2015 Edition

CAI Newsletter – Special Ramadhan 2015 Edition 150 150 Comfort Aid International

CAI Aids Victims Of Yemen Conflict – An SOS Appeal For Help

CAI has sent US$25,000 worth of humanitarian aid to assist the victims of this calamity in Yemen. I appeal to all of you, kindly help CAI help these hapless people. We can’t do much unfortunately, but the little humanitarian assistance that will insha’Allah reach them can make a difference between food and an empty stomach, clean water over thirst or unsafe water, medicine over pain, life over certain death…

May Allah bless and have mercy on these people.

Zakaat ul Fitra:

CAI will, as in prior eighteen years, distribute your Zakaat ul Fitra to the poor and destitute in Afghanistan, Africa and India. We recommend US$12 per person for 2015. This payment MUST reach CAI no later than July 14 for distribution on Eid day; any payments received after this date will be distributed on the second or third day after Eid.


CAI Global Iftaar Distribution In Pictures:

Please click here to view few photos of 2015 Iftaar food distribution across 16 countries and to 10,000 needy families. The food was distributed in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Burma (Myanmar), Ethiopia, Guinea-Bissau, India, Ghana, Liberia, Mali, Mauritania, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Sri Lanka and Tanzania. Alhamd’Allah CAI was able to meet the target funds (with two more countries added with extra funds collected) and the project was successfully executed. Allah bless to all of you who participated in this wonderful opportunity in serving humanity. 



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