December 18th, 2011

December 18th, 2011

December 18th, 2011 150 150 Comfort Aid International
Mosque Bombing Disaster, Afghanistan – An Update:
Latest reports put the death toll from Aashoora bomb blast at Abul Fazl Mosque in Kabul at 84 with over 117 critical still in local hospitals.  CAI has already begun distributing food aid to those families with earning members who were martyred or are injured in hospitals; this aid will continue three months insha’Allah or until funds deplete.  CAI is also (trying to) assist those very severely injured and cannot be treated locally go either Pakistan or Iran for treatment insha’Allah.

Shoes For Shoeless Children – Africa:
I was fortunate to visit 5 centers run by BBMK centers in Kenya recently.  These are developing centers for new converts to Shia Islam and also educates poor children for pre-primary.  CAI is supporting the renovation of one depilated school and juggling for funds for another.  Startling, alarming, however are bare foot children with dirty, torn feet in all the centers.  This condition invite diseases, the most common being hookworm; not acceptable.  It is not a hopeless situation though, easily rectified.  An open durable, washable plastic sandal costs around US$3.  We have 15 centers with 2,693 children each so our investment is about US$8,079.  Please consider granting a poor child a sandal, will you please?  Please click here for some photos of my visit.
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Machipatnam, AP, India Water Pump / Bathroom Project Completes:
Machipatnam in Andhra Pradesh is a poor fishing village that was devastated by a cyclone a few years ago; CAI donors helped rebuild 14 destroyed homes.  Many more families lack toilet facilities, causing much distress, especially to womenfolks.  CAI donors recently helped build 11 toilet facilities for the most poor.  We share some photos here.
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Pakistan School Refurbishing Project Completes:
The refurbishing of 2 depilated schools in Bahawalpur, Pakistan Punjab is now complete; alhamd’Allah and our children now study with comfort in modern, hygienic structures with a library and proper washroom.  We share few photos of completed project here.
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Letter Of Appreciation To CAI From Ministry Of Education, Afghanistan:
Sharing a letter of appreciation received from Ministry of Education, Afghanistan and Governor of Belkhaab, Afghanistan which loosely translates:
1.  Dear head of institute – CAI.
The Ministry of Education, as providers of education for young people and children together, commend your cooperation for the building of a school in Kabul city to create areas of education for students.   In the end, this is a valuable step in the development of education in the country.  I hereby express and wish success to you in all areas of life. With best regard.  –  Farogh Wardak – Minister of education.
2.  The best charity is giving water to the thirsty.  We thank Mr. Yusuf Yusufali, the servant of orphans of Aal Muhammed (PBUH) for this great service of Talhoh water supply system.  We wish him the best and hope for further success. – Abdullah Ansari – Governor of Belkhaab.
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