December 7th, 2012

December 7th, 2012

December 7th, 2012 150 150 Comfort Aid International
SOS Indonesia

There is a desparate situation involving some 190 Shia Muslim in East Jave, in the village of from Karang Gayam, Sampang District. These Muslims had their homes burnt by Wahaabi elements and now are surrounded by hostile people who have cut off supply of food and drinking water. They are being forced to renounce their madhaab in order to restore water supply restored. CAI is sending in US$14,000 of emergency aid to get alternate supply of water / food and also working with local officials to stop this harassment. CAI needs your help please. Please also make your displeasure over this issue known to Indonesia by writing to them here:

I will be visiting E. Java early February 2013 to follow up the situation and aid activities.

Jazaak’Allah kheyr.

Five New Wells Complete In Afghanistan

CAI has alhamd’Allah completed five out of twenty-three water well program in Sarepole District of Afghanistan. The balance of wells will complete insha’Allah after winter starts thawing in April 2013. Each well costs about US$1,400 and supplies potable water to about 5,000 people whose only access is contaminated water.  We share few photos of completed wells here:

Please click here to view these & related pictures in larger format

Aid To Shaheed Families – Pakistan

I am currently on my way to Pakistan. CAI will be aiding families of victims who lost lives in recent bombings and shootings during Aashoora, many the only bread earners in the family. This aid will be in the form of six months of groceries and other assistance as deemed necessary. Please read following article to understand the depth of suffering by these helpless Muslims:

Please help if you can. Jazaak’Allah kheyr.

This Baby Needs Your Help

This baby, from a very poor family in a very remort part of Dykoondi, Afghanistan, needs two holes in his heart repaired. Total cost is US$3,500 out of which US$1,500 has been raised. Please help him if you can. Jazaak’Allah kheyr.


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