Elementary and High School Update

Elementary and High School Update

Elementary and High School Update 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Made a very quick trip into Kabul to meet with few professionals regarding the implementation of syllabus and administartion of the school once we open doors in March 2010, insha’Allah. Kabul was super cold! I fret about the poor and destitute without much warmth in the remote areas of Afghanistan; may Allah (S) have mercy on them and protect them, insha’Allah.

The meetings were very productive; Itraat Academy located in Heraat will manage the school for CAI at no cost. Itraat Academy has 25 plus years of painful (under the Talibaan regime) but now very fruitful experience in management and running of a professional educational institute. Itraat Academy has an impressive track record backed up by several awards and partnerships from the United Kingdom. The ownership, funding and veto rights of running the school will remain with CAI – Afghanistan.

I am very excited and happy with the progress achieved on the construction site which is an incredible sight. Your generosity in the way of seeking Allah’s pleasure has resulted in this beautiful and practical school that will insha’Allah produce leaders and productive members from our community that Afghanistan so disparately need.

Here are few photos – one day old!

  • Imam Hussein Elementary & High School Update
  • Imam Hussein Elementary & High School Update
  • Imam Hussein Elementary & High School Update

USA Trip:

I will insha’Allah be in the USA between December 4 – 16, visiting New York, Toronto, Minneapolis, Orlando, Austin and Houston. I have received requests to advise you when I am in the US but it is impossible to contact each of you individually; my very sincere apologies. I will be available on 832-643-4378 and will be happy to talk to anybody anytime during my trip.

Jazaak’Allah and Allah (S) Bless.

Yusuf Yusufali



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