February 13th, 2010

February 13th, 2010

February 13th, 2010 150 150 Comfort Aid International
Urgent Appeal – Education Assistance for Destitute Children:
CAI is trying hard to find sponsors for about 169 very poor and destitute children at Jafri English School in the slums of Govendhi who cannot meet the USD100 per year tuition fees.  Here is an excellent opportunity to invest in a child, 90% Sadaats, whose entire future livelihood depends on your generosity.  Please sponsor a child or more at USD100 for 2010 for the pleasure of Allah (S).  You will get the child data sheet with photograph if you wish.  Click Here to view the list of student.
Blanket Distribution in Afghanistan – An Update:

CAI, through the generosity of her donors, distributed about 4,000 very thick and life saving blankets all over Afghanistan this winter; the poor in Kabul, Heraat, Ghazni, Sacheck and YawKawlang all benefited from this project.  Here are a few photos:

Imam Sajjad Clinic – An Update:

For the first time in their lives ever, people living in Sacheck, Afghanistan and surrounding areas got to see a real medical doctor. The clinic is so successful; our staff at the clinic are inundated with about an average of 150 plus sick people per day!  Here are few photos and a verbatim message from an observer on the scene. To tell the trust Imam Sajad(A) clinic is one of great serve for needy people of yekawlang in general or especially Sechak area,you gentlemen save the life of too many kids women and men.they might be died some of them like they died last year.every people prey for you all.please take look on attachment,although these photos video clip had token with lowest quality but it shows a little bit of what great remuneration Allah gave to you. Profound thanks to the donors of this invaluable life support service – your reward is only with Allah (S).

Urgent medical appeal for Syeeda Kulthoom Fatemah:

Look at the condition of this child which is self explanatory.  Surgery to correct her condition, including plastic and an artificial eye will cost about USD2,500.  This case is Sehme Sadaat friendly – please help if you can.  CAI has already authorized treatment as this case is a no brainer and I personally cannot see Kulthoom’s (daughter of a poor watchman who earns INR2,000; USD45 per month) prolonged agony; hope you will concur.

syeda kulsum fatima

Food Grains for the Starving in Northern Kenya:
You may already know about the agonizing food situation in Northern Kenya where families are frantically scavenging for food due to extreme drought and dicey political situation; the situation is serious and desperate.  CAI, through Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya, (BMMK) will insha’Allah, distribute food grains in affected areas very soon.  CAI has allocated USD10,000 to BMMK  and we invite you to please participate and help feed these wretched Muslims.  This program is sadeqa and zakaat friendly.

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