February 17th, 2012

February 17th, 2012

February 17th, 2012 150 150 Comfort Aid International
CAI Third Medical Clinic Commences Operations In Afghanistan
Following loss of lives due to lack of medical facility to 35,000 strong poor community at De Aroos Village, Khoshak, Ashterley District, Dykundi Province, Afghanistan, CAI donors funds enabled opening of third medical clinic in Afghanistan. We have a doctor, midwife, nurse and vaccinator already in place at this very remote and frigid location. This will go a long way in providing some relief to this wretched community insha’Allah. We cannot thank the donors enough for this supreme generosity – jazzak’Allah kheir.

Afghanistan Winter Update
CAI was able to distribute 2 bags of heating coal to about 700 poor families to help them keep warm from current crippling winter conditions gripping the country. Jazaak’Allah kheir to all donors who participated in this appeal to save lives and provide warmth. The fund will remain open until end of February 2012. We share few photos of distribution.

Somalia Drought Update
The situation with Somali refugees in Kenya, although still pathetic, is much improved, alhamd’Allah. CAI donors helped with capping 500 wells, massive food aid and more importantly, seeds for growing their own food. This later program has been a significant success as evidenced from following photos.

CAI Supports 99 Poor Students Pay School Fees In Bangladesh
For the second consecutive year, CAI donors have helped 99 poor children continue their education by assisting in school fees amounting to US$18,500. Students scoring below an overall B average from prior year were dropped (replaced by other poor outstanding children) as we focus our investments on only those children who have the potential to break out of their poverty though opportunities our donors provide.

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