February 22nd, 2009

February 22nd, 2009

February 22nd, 2009 150 150 Comfort Aid International

India Medical Support Services

As you all know, CAI has been operating on a zero cost administration entity; i.e. all funds collected go directly to the beneficiaries, 100%, not a single penny is deducted for absolutely any administration cost that CAI incurs. Alhamd’Allah, this promise to our donors has been kept to date. Now, with CAI taking on additional projects worldwide, especially in Afghanistan, India and planned activities for Pakistan Parachinar area, it is becoming a daunting task to balance the demands of required and necessary administration costs from personal out of pocket.

With this challenge in mind, CAI is introducing India Medical Support Services. This entity will cater and care for people coming to India for medical services. CAI has formed partnerships with leading medical service providers, hotels and local transport services: procuring of reliable, competent and trustworthy medial practitioners, consultation, affordable treatment options, affordable hospital hospitality, aftercare, hotel and transportation facilities, airfares and local tourism services will be offered to anyone wanting this service. This will guarantee a hassle free trip to India, best medical care for the best possible price and all logistic support for a worry free stay in Mumbai taken care of. All fields of medical science and specialties are accommodated; from minor to (Allah forbid) serious treatments as well cosmetic surgery of every kind.

For this service, CAI will charge flat fee of 10% over total cost of services provided; this amount will be donated to CAI operating fund. For people living in the USA, Canada, UK and soon in Australia, this amount may* also be eligible as income tax deduction. The 10% fee will cover salary for full time administrator and the balance will fund ongoing administration costs of CAI. This, insha’Allah, will ensure CAI continues and grows in catering for the needs of our economically challenged and destitute communities that we strive to serve for the pleasure of Allah (S).

I pray you never use our services but if you must, please support this initiative and spread the word around. Jazaak’Allah.

*Please consult your local tax expert on this issue. For USA, the 10% paid in the USA is tax deductible.

Also in this email update

CAI Sponsored Orphanage in Srinagar Almost Complete:

Alhamd’Allah, this project is almost complete and we will, insha’Allah, be able to open doors to our orphans in April 2009. The project was delayed due to civil strife in Srinagar mid 2008.

Dental/Optical/Medical Camp in Kargil August 8 – 14:

CAI is organizing above camp between August 9 and August 14, 2009 in Kargil simultaneously with the distribution of Iftaar packages. This camp will insha’Allah benefit hundreds of unbelievably poor and destitute people who have perhaps not visited a doctor, dentist or eye doctor; ever. As I have advised several times earlier, this is a golden opportunity for parents to invest in their teenage children in the West get first hand, personal exposure to life with basics and luxuries taken for granted. A visit to Kargil will change the mindset of any teenager and perhaps initiate a new beginning.

Higher Education Sponsorship By CAI in India – Current Batch:

Alhamd’Allah, CAI has been very active in promoting higher education of poor students all over India. As you may know, higher education affordability is a huge challenge in India. CAI has been supporting our youths from poor families who score very high marks and show potential – most recent batch of students data attached. This is an area that has the best return on investment, a fact proved many times over in the 14 years CAI has been active in India and your continued support is very crucial and desperately needed.

Aid to Shaheed Widows in Ghazni, Afghanistan:

Alhamd’Allah, CAI was able to distribute one warm blanket, 25kg of flour (atta) and 5 liters of cooking oil to 450 shaheed widows in Ghazni during December 2008; this is in addition to similar distributions to 250 widows each in Mazaar Shareef, Bamiyaan, YawKawlang, Kabul and Heraat. Click here to see the list for Ghanzni.

Jazaak’Allah and Allah (S) Bless.

Yusuf Yusufali


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