February 23rd, 2013

February 23rd, 2013

February 23rd, 2013 150 150 Comfort Aid International
Grand Opening – Phanderi Girls School, UP India

CAI donor constructed girls school in Phanderi, UP India opened on February 10; a great event, alhamd’Allah. Please read and view photoshere.

CAI Donor Aid Comes To Sampang, Indonesia

The besieged Muslim community at Sampang, Indonesia finally got CAI donor funded medical and other humanitarian aid, finally. Badly needed medical, food supplement and  baby diapers aid is now available, alhamd’Allah. Here are few photos of medical aid.

Jameatul Kawthar Girls College Gets CAI Funded Labs

CAI donors assisted completing biology, physics and chemistry labs at this college in Islamabad, Pakistan; an inadequate library is in the process of upgrading. We share few photos:

Quetta Calling
The situation in Quetta, Pakistan is a calamity, at least. Another massive bomb has claimed at least 87 lives with 20 others not expected to survive. I was on the ground recently; please read complete report here. CAI is trying to aid the surviving victims, especially evacuating those critically injured to Karachi for a chance to survive. Please help generously; read my trip reports hereand here.

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