February 4th, 2011

February 4th, 2011

February 4th, 2011 150 150 Comfort Aid International

New Computer Lab At Sirsi School:

Happy to share photos of CAI sponsored new computer lab at our Sirsi UP, India school. This modern facility with 25 latest computers provide our children with opportunities never before offered and a competitive edge for a brighter, profitable and productive educational future, insha”Allah.

Computer Lab Sirsi SchoolComputer Lab Sirsi SchoolComputer Lab Sirsi School

New Clinic – Sarepole, Afghanistan:
CAI is seriously contemplating the duplication of our highly successful Imam Sajjad (A) Clinic in Sacheck for Sarepole, another shockingly destitute area that has no medical services.  The Sacheck Clinic is a miracle, with thousands served, lives saved, children immunized, etc.  CAI is now short US$ 21,000 in first year budget.  If this can be met, quickly, we can start operations and repeat the miracle for this medically starving community.  Please join us in this most important endeavor for Allah’s pleasure.Here is the breakdown on first year expenses:MD $12,000RN  $ 5,000

Midwife $5,000

Pharmacist / Administrator $5,000

Cleaner / Guard $3,000

Medication $39,000

Clinic supplies $3,000

Utilities $2,500

Diesel and heating $2,500
Please try and contribute anything you can so we can embark on this most critical project.

Belkhaab Water Project – Afghanistan:
Happy to share quite dramatic photos of ongoing water project in Belkhaab, Afghanistan. Slated for completion in April 2011, this project will insha’Allah supply clean potable water to 25,000 people who have none at the moment.

Belkhaab Water ProjectBelkhab Water ProjectBelkhab Water Project

Appeal for Tuition Fees:
CAI is desperately looking to sponsor about 500 very poor students who are at threat of dropping off school due to nonpayment of tuition fees.  These are mostly from slum areas in Mumbai and other cities, very poor, 70% Sadaats and many children of single mothers.  Fees are $77 per year, PLEASE help sponsor few; jazaak’Allah.

Jazaak’Allah and Allah bless,

Yusuf Yusufali





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