January 19th, 2011

January 19th, 2011

January 19th, 2011 150 150 Comfort Aid International
2010 US Tax Receipts Mailed:
All receipts of donations to CAI for year 2010 from USA based residents have now been mailed; these should already be in your possession.  If not, please contact our Austin address either by email to  or by calling Hasnain Yusufali on 512-775-2629.

Sarsi School Extension Project Update:
I am happy to share initial construction photos of Sirsi School 5 classroom extension project. This single donor project has begun, targeting completion before June 2011, insha’Allah, beginning of new school year.Sarsi School Extension ProjectSirsi School Extension Project

Pakistan Disaster Building Project Discontinued:
CAI is abandoning this project as no new funding is forthcoming; 370 homes built.

Please Help Poor Children Continue Studies:

As 2011 school year looms in India, many families are in crises mode, trying to scavenge any and all available resources to come up with fees. CAI has a list of 500 extremely poor students who need immediate help in continuing their studies.The only way out for these poor children, most that live in slums amid squalor and decay, is via a decent education. Most (over 70%) of these are sadaats, several who have single mothers teetering at abject poverty levels. Please consider sponsoring a child’s fee for $77 for full year tuition fee. A photo with basic statics of child can be provided, if required.


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