January 6th, 2012

January 6th, 2012

January 6th, 2012 150 150 Comfort Aid International
Mosque Bombing Disaster, Afghanistan – An Update
We share few photos of basic food aid distribution (to continue for 3 months) to poor families that lost (or are severely injured) earning members due to the suicide bombing on Aashoora day.

Shoes For Shoeless Children – Africa
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Urgent Medical Assistance Appeal
CAI has approved urgent medical treatments for very poor children and an almost blind man; all very critical, 2 in India and 1 Afghanistan. These total about US$9,000; CAI is short about US$4,000. We solicit help please; here are the details:
  1. Jannat Rahima Jaffery – Non Sadaat, Age 2 – India, Congenital Heart Disease (PDA). Emergency case; would have resulted in certain death if not immediately treated. Rupees300,000 (US$5,800).
  2. Kabeer Ali Syed Akhter – Sadaat, Age 3 – India, Burkittis Lymphoma (Cancer). Emergency case; would have resulted in certain death if not immediately treated. Rupees135,000 (US$2,600).
  3. Abbas Naser – Non Sadaat, Age 25 – Afghanistan, severe blinding Cataracts. Non-emergency case but would have resulted in eventual certain blindness if not immediately treated. Afs40,000 (US$850). This man will insha’Allah be employable after treatment.

Bokooba School Laboratory Project Completes
CAI embarked in helping construct school laboratories in Bokooba, Tanzania in early 2011.  These have now completed; we share some photos here:

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