July 19th, 2013

July 19th, 2013

July 19th, 2013 150 150 Comfort Aid International
CAI 2013 Ramadhan Iftar Appeal Expands
We were forced to expand our humanitarian Ramadhan Iftaar distribution due to urgent appeals from African countries; collections are still short by about US$25,000. Your donations are making possible a decent iftaar to the poor in following countries:
Afghanistan – 3,200 families
Bangladesh – 300 families
Burkina Faso – 100 families
India – 2,800 families
Liberia – 25 families
Nigeria – 150 families
Niger – 100 families
Sri Lanka – 250 families
Somalia – 150 families
Sudan – 150 families
Tanzania – 6 masjid centers
Yemen – 100 families
Keep in mind these families have all been vetted to be very poor, without the ability to feed themselves. You can still make a difference in our drive. This is our final appeal for 2013, not to be repeated insha’Allah.

Pakistan Housing Project Completes

Alhamd’Allah our Punjab, Pakistan 50 Homes for the Poor project has concluded. We share few photos:

Zanzibar School Desk Project

Although CAI donors gifted 140 desks (3 students to a desk), to various pathetically dilapidated schools in Zanzibar, you will see from following photos many children still sit on the floor.  CAI aims to provide 500 desks to various schools in 2013, each desk costs US$100. So we have to raise US$50,000 insha’Allah. Please. if you can, help us achieve this goal/ Allah bless.

A Poor Boys Limb Restored

Alhamd’Allah, CAI donor are very generous in helping poor and destitute families with serious / life threatening medical conditions; they have donated hundred of thousands of dollars for eligible cases. I share this one with you, before and after photos of a young child who lost his leg in a fall. This German technology inspired prosthetic leg will grow with the child; walk, run or climb hills, whatever the kid’s mind wills.

Foundation Stone Laid For Kargil School
Alhamd’Allah, CAI donors are building another school, in Kargil India. The foundation stone for this school was laid recently; I share few photos.

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